Integrity Action

Helping citizens to monitor the delivery of vital projects and services where they live and to solve the problems they find.

Integrity Action

Helping citizens to monitor the delivery of
vital projects and services where they live
and to solve the problems they find.


International development organisation Integrity Action is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which helps citizens to monitor and improve the delivery of vital projects and services, like education, health and infrastructure. Working with partners, they do this in places where securing improvements to services like these is extremely challenging.

All too often, citizens are promised many things in the name of development and those promises are not delivered to the extent they should be. Integrity Action develops tools and methods that citizens can use to make sure those promises are delivered. They then work with partner organisations to run initiatives in which citizens take the lead, monitor projects and services that are important to them, and secure improvements that make a real difference to them and their communities. Their experience and expertise cuts across social accountability, technology and its use in development, participation, inclusion, and citizen feedback (known as beneficiary feedback).


The project had three main requirements. A rebrand and new public facing website.

A cross platform App that was able to collect, aggregate and display data from people on the ground (project monitors) And a review, rebuild and integration where applicable of any systems and processes that could enhance the day-to-day operations for both the teams at Integrity Action, third party organisations and Citizens in the filed. 


We started with a discovery stage to understand the operation and its stakeholders. 

Identifying a range of user personas using the website, from international NGOs to ‘on the ground’ networks and community groups. And use cases for citizens looking to report issues in their communities via the mobile repotting app. 

From there we moved to design exploration across the deliverables with our technical team then building solutions for the website, app and internal systems.


We delivered a complete rebrand with a new public-facing website, promoting the brand alongside its products and services. A cross-platform app that allowed project monitors to assess work taking place within communities by collecting, aggregating and displaying crucial data on progress. A key deliverable being that the app needed to 

work with limited data speeds, given many of the locations citizens are reporting from have unpredictable data access. And a full review of existing digital systems and processes, rebuilding and integrating services where required. Establishing a solid technology infrastructure for Integrity Action, and it’s stakeholders and a product roadmap for future development. 

At the time of writing, the tool is used by an active community of citizens to monitor 528 projects in 9 territories, with a 69% fix rate.